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Kim Eng Yeo Watercolors

Republic of Singapore Watercolor Society

I am a member of the Singapore Watercolor Society and would like to give you a brief history of the society. You can view their members' watercolors by visiting the website given below.

A Brief History

The Singapore Watercolor Society was founded 30 years ago on August 18,1969 by a core group of 13 artists. These skilled and talented pioneers laid the way for future watercolor artists in the Republic. In the early days members were drawn from the Chinese-speaking community. Today the Society attracts enthusiasts from the different ethnic groups in the Republic of Singapore, including others from Malaysia, China and the United States as well.

Over the years SWS members have worked at promoting and increasing the awareness of the medium by conducting workshops in schools and painting demonstrations, open to the general public. In 1994 SWS joined the Asian Watercolor Confederation and since then, member works have been exhibited in regional group shows held in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taipei. At the same time, the artists have continued to increase their participation in international art events, held in Britain, Belgium and other European countries. And sought affiliations with other watercolor societies in Australia and the USA.. Some artists have won prestigious prizes in local, regional and international competitions. The Honorary President of the Society, K .S. Ong, has been a member of the American Watercolor Society since 1990. The Singapore Watercolor Society continues to play an important part in promoting awareness of the Arts within the community, in the Republic of Singapore.

The Society holds annual exhibitions of watercolor paintings by it's members and recently in September 1999, celebrated it's 30th anniversary show with a book titled "SWS 30th, 1969 - 1999". This book features past and present paintings by the artists, exhibited at the show. From representational to the abstract, these artists demonstrate a variety of approaches to working in this medium.

The Singapore Watercolour Society can be accessed through this link